Eastern Promises Restaurant Group was formed from the vision of Roman Olshansky, a long-time Twin Cities resident who moved here with his family from Russia at a young age. Throughout his childhood, he enjoyed Russian cuisine and later made regular trips back home to Russia to fully experience authentic Russian food and culture. His passion for food and international travel prompted his next adventure into the world of Japanese cuisine. For years, Roman has been on a quest for the perfect bowl of authentic ramen. This journey has taken him throughout the United States and to the country of Japan. He’s tried dozens of varieties of ramen during his travels. These early travels to the east prompted Roman to visit other countries like Taiwan and China where he enjoyed the best dumplings he’d ever tasted.

The inspiration for Eastern Promises Restaurant Group came in August 2017 when Roman asked himself a question: Why can’t Russian delicacies, Japanese ramen, Asian dumplings, and the many other culinary specialties of the Eastern Hemisphere be served in one place? He quickly realized they could and that offering authentic dishes from these diverse cultures would allow the average American diner the opportunity to experience new tastes from half a world away. On that day, Eastern Promises Restaurant Group was born.

Since that day in August 2017, the search has been on for the very best chefs in America to prepare the bold, flavorful specialties enjoyed in our restaurants. Top culinary talent from New York City to Los Angeles have flown in and prepared their best work for our team. Chef Marcus and Chef Francis, both renowned in their own right, have joined the team and are crafting new and innovative takes on classic dishes. The growing Eastern Promises team continues to travel around the globe in search of new culinary techniques and recipes to bring a unique and authentic dining experience to each of our patrons. From our Food Truck to Eastern Promises EXPRESS from our upcoming Dragon & The Bear fine dining concept to our full-service catering offerings , Eastern Promises Restaurant Group is paving an exciting and flavorful new culinary adventure for foodies from all backgrounds.

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